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Life happens at the speed of Relationships. At NorthRock, the goal of joining a group is to GROW in your walk with Jesus. In your small group, you’ll develop life-encouraging friendships with people who will not only “do life” with you, but support you during your next steps. While we operate on a 3 semester format, it’s easy to plug into a group at any time during the semester. We are better Together - Find your Small Group Today!

We offer groups for designed for Families, Marriages, Women, Men, Students, Young Adults that cover a range of purposes from book studies, to coffee meet-ups, to activities like basketball and crafting, to community outreach groups, groups searching for Freedom, and so much more.



The Freedom Curriculum is designed to work through a 13 week course - meeting weekly - to equip you to live the victorious & abundant life Christ came to give you.



Lead A Group

It’s easy to think you’re not qualified to lead, but we believe God has placed people in your life that only you have the ability to encourage. Step into leadership today and challenge what you think you’re capable of.   We'll provide you with essential tools and resources through Leadership Training.


Fall Leader Training begins Early August!



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At NorthRock, we have free market small groups - so you can create a small group around virtually anything. Choose a topic that interests you and select a time and place. Then Recruit, Recruit, Recruit! Register your group today!