Interested in Serving on the Guest Experience team?

Want to make a difference in the lives of others by creating excellent experiences? The Guest Experience team includes opportunities to serve on our parking team, as an usher, at the NR Store, and more!

Here are some of the great opportunities available for you:


This energetic team connects with our first-time guests and creates a welcoming experience by providing a tour of the facility, connecting them to KidzRock check-in if needed, and assisting them into the auditorium for their first worship experience. They are equipped with information to encourage guests to get connected through upcoming events and can answer any questions they may have about NorthRock.



This hospitable team welcomes our guests as they visit the café stations and help them feel comfortable by preparing NorthRock’s complimentary hot coffee and refreshing fruit water.



This friendly team love to make guests feel at home here at NorthRock as they host them with excellence. They serve with an encouraging smile at all lobby doors and provide our guests with essentials needed as they enter the auditorium doors such as sermon notes, pens, and worship guides.



This  rain  or  shine  team  is  truly  the  first  impression  of  NorthRock  as  they welcome everyone who enters the parking lot. They create a smooth transition in and out of our parking lots with safety in mind and go the extra mile transporting our guests to the entrance by driving golf carts (at certain locations as needed). 

(Minimum age: 16yrs for parking team / 18yrs for golf cart driver)



This amazing team prepares people for a positive worship experience as they welcome and usher them to an available seat.  They help maintain a distraction-free environment that allows hearts to be open to experience Jesus as they receive the Gospel message.



This fun team connects with guests and attendees as they serve at the store keeping items stocked and displayed in a clean and tidy manner and assist with NorthRock purchases.



This team provides our Spanish speaking members the opportunity to hear the message live through the means of translation technology. They will hand out equipment and/or translate  the  message  after  going  through  training  with  the  team  leader.

(Stone  Oak Campus – 11:30 service only)